COGAN Webinar on FEA on Design of Foundations and Anchors for Offshore Structures

This webinar presents the most important geotechnical aspects that need to be consider in the design of foundations for offshore structures. Examples from various projects and finite element analyses carried out at NGI to deal with these aspects are given. A brief review of the procedure used at NGI to obtain soil stress-strain-strength relationships from cyclic laboratory tests is included. It is demonstrated that FEA offers several benefits over classical methods, such as limit equilibrium calculations.

Further details and registration is available on our website at COGAN website here

As for the COGAN project state-of-the-art, we are thrilled to announce that the project almost reached its completion with the external review of three independent experts and it is finally ready to be disclosed to the users. Registered users will be enabled to access the Competency Tracker by the end of September. Stay tuned!