DAS-NAG project successfully completed

DAS-NAG is a transnational project co-funded by Regione Toscana (Italy) and WeSI Geotecnica within the framework of funds for regional development (FESR). The scope of the project is to demonstrate the benefit of numerical analysis when used in geotechnical analysis in conjunction with traditional design. DAS-NAG is the acronym of Data Acquisition System and Numerical Analysis for Geotechnics.

DAS-NAG partnersDAS-NAG main focus is the definition of design procedures based on measurements obtained from an instrumented field test and on the use of its measurements for calibrating and validating the analysis results. The method has been validated for two important classes of geotechnical engineering problems, i.e. stability of natural slopes and stone columns as ground improvement technique.

WeSI Geotecnica Srl is the italian partner of DAS-NAG workgroup and acts as DAS-NAG network coordinator. The second partner in DAS-NAG is the company Soilteknik A.S., based in Adana, Turkey. The main task of Soilteknik is the installation of stone column test field and related measurements.

WeSI Geotecnica and Soilteknik are supported as scientific advisors by the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Pisa and by the University of Çukurova, respectively.

Find more about DAS-NAG here.