COGAN Webinar on Rock Slopes

We are pleased to provide the details of the second project webinar, taking place on 26th March - "The Importance of Numerical Analysis for Understanding Rock Slope Behaviour" presented by Giovanni Barla.

This presentation demonstrates the role and use of numerical analysis by discontinuum and continuum modelling for the understanding of rock slope behavior. The objective is to find well-proven engineering solutions to slope stability problems. Following a short overview of the numerical methods available, FEM, DEM and FEDEM, the presentation considers two case studies.

Further details and registration is available on our website at COGAN website here.

We are also very proud to announce that the COGAN project is rapidly progressing towards its conclusion and the final delivery of the Educational Base through the Competency Tracker. On the COGAN webiste you can find more details about the state-of-art of COGAN.