Meet the specialists of WeSI Geotecnica

WeSI Geotecnica's mission is to satisfy the geotechnical engineering industry need to support geotechnical design with numerical analysis.

Lorenzo Leoni

Managing director

Following the degree in Civil Engineering obtained at the University of Parma, Lorenzo obtained a MSc in Geotechnics from the University of Strathclyde in 2009. In the same year, he co-founded the company WeSI Geotecnica Srl together with his brother and colleague Martino. Since then Lorenzo has been working at WeSI Geotecnica as Numerical Analyst. Due to the experience gained at Strathclyde, he has specialized in geotechnical design thus including site investigation planning and in the interpretation of in-situ and laboratory tests with particular focus on the identification of soil parameters. Since the inception of WeSI Geotecnica Lorenzo has taken part in numerical modelling of geotechnical engineering problems and has acted as tutor in computational geotechnics courses.

At a glance

Lorenzo co-founded WeSI Geotecnica in 2009, after completing his Master of Science in Geotechnics in the same year. His professional skills are related to geotechnical design through numerical analysis, with special focus on site investigation planning and test results interpretation.